Member Management

Memberships & Subscriptions

Have confidence every month that memberships, personal training subscriptions, locker rental fees, and the rest of your recurring payments will be processed reliably. 

Passes & Credits

Seamlessly sell and manage passes and credits on member accounts. Issue refunds using credits, attach class passes to memberships, sell lesson or personal training packages, and more.

Customer Purchases

Manage all of a customers purchases directly from their member profile. Take care of your members billing with a click, whether you are check on a previous charge, issuing a refund, or paying off an outstanding balance.


Organize your members utilizing our advanced tagging system. Manually add tags to members or set up automated tags based on classes they take or memberships they sign up for. Connect with you customers via email or text based on their tags.

Check-in History

Know who your most active members are and keep tabs on and get in touch with your less active members. See a member's check-in history and statistics right from their member profile.